Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pretty Little Purses and Pouches

I love craft books. I think most crafters do. Even if I never make anything from them, they're always good for some inspiration. I have bought several new ones over the last couple of weeks and thought I would review them here on my blog.

The first one was probably the one I was most excited about. Pretty Little Purses and Pouches from Lark books. The cover looked so pretty and cute, so I had high hopes for this one. Since I make mostly bags and pouches, I always love to see what other people are doing. I have to say this book was a big disappointment. I honestly think this is the first craft book I have ever bought where there was not one thing that appealed to me. The best thing about the book was the artist bios in the back. I checked out some of their websites and blogs and they were amazing. I think this book didn't show off these talented designers very well. I ordered this book online, if I was able to view it in a store I never would have bought it and wasted my money.

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