Friday, June 12, 2009

Double Pleat Tote

There are some new bags in the shop. These are Double Pleat Totes. They are the same as the Double Pleat Tote with Sash (which have sold out) but without the sash. I love these bags. They are probably one of my most favourite bags I've ever made. They are a great large bag that holds a lot of stuff but are still light weight. I especially love the wider straps. They're really comfortable on your shoulder when you carry a lot. They are made out of home dec weight fabric and 150z organic canvas. I am in love with this organic canvas. It's expensive but worth every penny. These bags here are made with fabric from Joel Dewberry's Ginseng collection which I absolutly love.

I am also working on some mini notebook holders. They are really cute and handy. They hold a little notebook and pen and has an extra pocket for receipts or coupons. I will hopefully have some posted today.

And lastly, I haven't forgotten about June's giveaway. I will be posting that hopefully in the next week I just haven't decided on the prize yet.


MandMStudio said...

Love the fabric:)

Ariane said...

I love these bags. I just love the bag you sent me. I've had so many compliments about how nice it is. You do amazing work.

TheEclecticElement said...

Very cute bags!!