Saturday, April 11, 2009


I started vacation on Thursday. I really thought I would get a lot more done already. I know it's only Saturday but I really haven't done anything for my shop. One thing I really wanted to get done by the end of the weekend was my quilt from the quilt along I mentioned in my last post. I got all the layers sandwiched and pinned on Friday and that's it. I'm afraid to start the free motion quilting. It looks so pretty right now, I'm afraid of messing it up.
I did make my 18 month old niece a couple of dresses for Easter tomorrow. They are really cute. One was a pillowcase dress that I'm very happy with, and it has matching bloomers. I will post it tomorrow with a link for the pattern. I made it in less than an hour. It's great for a beginner sewer or an advance sewer who wants a quick and easy project.
Since I have family dinners for the next two days, I don't think I will be getting anything else done this weekend. At least I have the whole week off.

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